JUNE 3, 2024 3:25 - 4:30 PM CT

IS IT REAL?? Gen-AI and Right of Publicity

Coexistence or Collision? Challenges and opportunities in the era of artificial intelligence

Inter-American Association of Intellectual Property

Hotel Casa Santo Domingo, La Antigua, Guatemala

Generative AI has raised questions and challenges regarding the right to control use of one’s own identity, particularly in the context of commercial advertising.


We are referring to “Right of Publicity”. “Sound-alikes” (an “old” practice with “new tools), “impersonation” … Gen-AI has and is taking them to a new level, as a more impacting and comprehensive way to mimic the image and likeness of a given person. From the Bette Midler case back in the ´80s, to the Drake and The Weekend “Heart on My Sleeve” song, to scam featuring “Taylor Swift” in a giveaway under a certain trademark and further, to the impersonation or world leaders delivering a speech and deepfakes… there is, certainly, a broader scope and reach which calls for a review of the impact of Gen AI on the right of publicity.


How are countries regulating this issue, and how have courts around the globe tackled this new challenge? How does all of this interact with “freedom of expression” and other legal principles?


Our experienced panelists will lead a tour through the Gen-AI-Right of Publicity current landscape and will provide us with practical advise and update information regarding decisions and main discussions on this topic.

In-Person Conference

IS IT REAL?? Gen-AI and Right of Publicity